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The house is surrounded by a lush tropical garden, with an English lawn, equipped with a beautiful gazebo overlooking the sunset, where you can have an aperitif and talk about the day with friends, a barbecue area with lava stone, where you can naturally cook fish, meat and vegetables; totally eco-sustainable, the house is on two levels, enjoys an enchanting view of the Indian Ocean and the beach of Sardinia 2.

  • Stunning oceanview from all rooms

  • 50 steps to the beach

  • Outdoor shower, pool and hot tub

  • Inside and outside kitchen and barbecue

  • Massage bed with a professional masseuse

  • Private beach beds and umbrellas


The beach, of fine white sand, extends for over 1 km, with 150 m of seafront and equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds and beach towels available to customers. Large shaded areas are guaranteed by the numerous palm trees that line the beach. The area is subject to the phenomenon of the tides that follow one another every six hours, guaranteeing easy bathing during most of the day and very pleasant and suggestive walks towards the white sand atolls that emerge during low tide.

Considered one of the best kitespots in the world, the charming little village of Watamu in Kenya, is also an interesting combination of a lot more attractions apart from kitesurfing.
In fact it is ideal for eco-friendly tourists, as well as for those who seek a quiet spot for swimming and sunbathing, but – hang on a minute – it is also a world heritage site and a protected area of a unique natural beauty.
A combination of consistent winds and five kilometers long stretch of white sandy beach makes Watamu an ideal kitesurfing spot either for beginners or for experienced kiters.
There are two wind seasons in Watamu: the Kaskazi season from December to April, when the winds blow from north east at about 20-25 knots, starting early in the morning.
And the Kuzi season (June – September), the windiest time of the year. During the Kuzi season, the wind blows from south-east at least at 25 knots and sometimes reaches and exceeds 30 knots. With Kenya being at the level of the Equator, these winds tend to be extremely consistent. The fact that the wind blows cross onshore, makes the place almost an example kitesurfing destination.
The air temperature can reach 36°C during the Kaskazi season, but in Kuzi, it is a little cooler. Water temperatures remain at 25-30°C all year round.
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